Jai Lava Kusa Drama Scene Promo

JaiLavaKusa starring junior, Raashi Khanna, Nivetha Thomas, which is directed by Bobby and produced by Nandamuri KalyanRam. Released on Sept 21 and gained Blockbuster talk all over India. Junior’s did triple role performance in JaiLavaKusa, and they are “Jai,” “Lava,” “Kusa,” and all three are brothers. “Jai” character is all most negative role, and “Lava” characterization is a cool innocent guy…. Who loves Priya, and Last but not least “Kusa” is very energetic and most active person than all three brothers. From childhood, all three brothers are drama artists, and jai has the stammering problem so that he can’t speak properly so that his uncle shows more attention towards lava and kusa… And Jai used to do works as a slave to his brothers and uncle. Once jai listen the characterisation of ravana from an old lady and he inspires from her words and changing to bad as Ravanasura And then game starts….

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